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Words, Words, Words

We never think about how words can direct our thinking. But if you take a minute and think about it, most everything we do has been taught to us. We heard words from a loved one or a person in authority and followed their advice. From "Don't leave the refrigerator door open" to "That person is trouble, you should avoid them." Some of us may have "investigated" the advice before we adhered to it, but, on a whole most of us grew up "listening and doing" what that loved one or person in authority told us. So why does it seem so unlikely that the words we utter can change someone's mind or hurt someone's feelings. Also, we should give some time and thought in an evaluation of the person or persons we are taking advice from.


Lets begin by reading the following scriptures which talk about Light from Darkness

  • Genesis: 1: 3-5
    • When God Created the world the first thing he did was to bring light to it.
  • Genesis 3:15
    • The first indication that God would save humanity from the darkness they had brought on to them selves.
    • Note that many translations say "the seed of the woman." Since reproduction normally takes place when a man impregnates the woman with his seed, this passage indicates divine intervention so that the woman would carry a seed not from mankind. Instead her child would be free form the sin of man and would be able to bring light to the world.
  • The "Light of the World" has arrived
    • John 9:5
    •  John 12:46


Thought to Ponder:

When a room is dark and a match is lit, does the darkness ebb away?

Could it be that when we study God's word, the darkness in our lives will ebb away?


The following scriptures confirm that God and Jesus spoke to “things” to bring about their will. Read the following scriptures:

·         Genesis 1:3, 1:6, 1:9, 1:11, 1:14, 1:20, 1:24,  “And God Said…And it was so.”

·         Matthew 8:26 Jesus rebukes the storm.

·         Matthew 8:32 “Go” and the demons went into pigs

·         Matthew 9:6 “Get up, take our mat and go home.

How many times has someone asked you "who are you talking to?" We are often led to believe that you are crazy when you are talking to an object. Yet, in the above scriptures we see that God and Jesus both talked to "things."


In Genesis 1:26-27 we are told that Man is made in God’s image. Take a minute and read it. Then read Genesis 1:28 where God commands man to "rule" the earth - fill the earth and subdue it.


Thought to ponder:

God and Jesus both spoke things into existence. Since we were made in God’s image and commanded to rule – do our words impact things that come about in our lives?

Are our word supposed to bring light to those around us?

What happens when we belittle or say negative things about and to those around us?


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Our Goal

It is our desire to study the word of God by keeping it in context with all the teachings of the Bible. We strive to not add to or take away from God's Holy Word. Instead, we will ask you to move through the old and new testaments that weave the rich fabric that is the Word of God. We stand on His Holy Word which is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The New International Version is used unless otherwise stated.

Before You Begin

Dear Heavenly Father,

Praise and glory to the one true Living God, the alpha and the omega. Holy, Holy, Holy is   your   name.   Thank   you Father, for your son Jesus Christ who redeemed us from our sins. And thank you for this day and everything you have brought to me. May my prayer rise to you as sweet incense from the alter. I ask that you guide me, Father, through your Word. Please open my heart and mind to recieve your word and please reveal your Holy Truth. Please dwell in me and help me to live each day of my life in keeping with your Word. In the Holy name of Jesus Christ, I pray and ask it. Amen.